Needle Cases

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Not much stitching at the moment!! The weather is really too lovely and the sun is shining too bright so I really want to spend the most of my free time outside on the lake or in the garden !!

But I want to make an inventory of my stitching smalls I stitched and I got in exchanges. I really have a great preference for stitching smalls, and after I showed you my pin cushion collection here's my needle case collection so far!

Hope everybody has the same wonderful summer and enjoys it!!!



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María del Valle 23/04/2008 14:13

Really I like very much your blog, and your work!!!A kiss

muriel 27/02/2008 09:21

hello, your blog is realla fantastic... Muriel

eugenia 22/09/2007 16:47

Haces unos trabajos preciosos.Felicidades

blabla 12/08/2007 22:39

hi hi is ned schlecht oba woa schomoi bessa....hoffentlich liest des koana

BeckySC 24/07/2007 21:24

Beautiful Smalls, Romy :) You should add them to the World\\\'s Largest Collection of Smalls Blog :)