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I havn´t finished the Bourse de Brodeuse by Au Fil des Reves, but I finished the stitching and so I couldn´t resist to order more of this kits. I really love this designs.

Today two kits arrived!  The Porte ciseaux et aiguilles Maison de Brodeuse and the Tresors d´antan.

Both kits are really lovely, but before starting I have to finish some of my stitchings!


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BeckySC 14/08/2005 01:53

Oh MY! I am in love....again :)!!!
I love these Romy, will look forward to seeing them :)
Thanks for sharing :)

Cécile 13/08/2005 19:23

It's a wonderful designer that I love very much

pam 13/08/2005 13:16

Romy, you are really tempting me to get some of these things. I saw Criss Cross Row has some of thse things. The kits look like they are really good quality. ~Pam

arel 13/08/2005 08:05

oh yes, Au fil des rêves is a wonderful designer ; great stash

Danielle 13/08/2005 04:54

Both are lovely! I have the scissor case on order and am waiting impatiently for it! I have not seen the tresors d'antan before. I want that one too! LOL. Did you order it from France? Too many pretty things!