Finished Bourse de Brodeuse

Publié le par Romy in Austria

Today I finished my Bourse de Brodeuse. It´s really a lovely little design and the finishing was easy. I´m sure I´ll use this kind of finishing for further projects.


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Wanda Ann 16/08/2005 19:40

Romy, you always have beautiful work. This is very pretty.

BeckySC 16/08/2005 03:35

Oh, Romy! I love it! It is gorgeous!!!! BEEutiful finishing too :)

Thanks for sharing :)

Mercedes 16/08/2005 00:14

Congratulations Romy!! I havenŽt this kit but I would love to stitch it each I see one of them finished . This is a very popular kit !!

Cécile 15/08/2005 15:21

Very very beautiful.

Ashleigh 15/08/2005 11:48

Beautiful Romy! Now I want to start mine! Fabulous!