my stitching corner

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I´m always admiring those beautiful stitching rooms of my stitching friends. Really great to have such a room. I don´t have a stitching room, so I created a  little "stitching corner" to display my stitching smalls which I stitched and got from stitching friends in exchanges and as gifts.


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Vero M 28/08/2005 23:09

Ooh la la Romy..This corner is to die for..I am gonna come and see it many times..believe me !! lol

Danielle 25/08/2005 04:33

I love your little table! It has such beautiful little stitching things! My shelf is not really so pretty (only the things it holds-LOL)!! You have a wonderful collection.

arel 23/08/2005 06:50

lovely corner and lovely stitches

Catherine abc 23/08/2005 00:12

That's a lovely picture which makes me want to touch the pieces by myself !!

Cécile 22/08/2005 13:01

Lovely stitching corner Romy.