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After stitching a lot of smalls, I´m now in the mood to start some samplers. I was looking through our house, and now I found a perfect place to create a sampler wall. I´m always admiring Dianes "Sampler Cove"  I think she knows that she´s my great inspiration and motivation. And now I want to make a sampler wall of my own.

Yesterday I was looking through my really big sampler chart collection, but I need one which is about 12x40 inch long. I just was on the way to order a new chart, but now I think I´ll create one by my own. I did this several years ago. I have a great collection of antique samplers and Biedermeier patterns (patterns of the 19th century Vienna) and in 1984- 1986 I created a sampler with this patterns. This was my first finished sampler. And it´s an unique piece.

Now I´ll try to do this a second time. I think I´ll stitch on 32 count sandstone linen. On this fabric I can do some tent stitch too. And this time I think I´ll use some more muted colors.Wish me luck that it will work again, and I´ll post progress pictures!

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Angela 25/08/2005 07:31

Danielle , great idea!!!!!
If Romy will decide to chart it I'll be another stitcher who will buy it!!!!

Danielle 25/08/2005 04:35

This sampler is gorgeous!! You could chart it and sell it!! I would certainly buy the pattern! :) I am also in the mood to work on bigger projects again. I was even listing things I want to start on in Jan!! I guess everyone goes in these different phases!

arel 24/08/2005 11:38

absolutely gorgeous

Dani 24/08/2005 01:50

That's Stunning!

Catherine abc 23/08/2005 23:40

Wow wow !! Romy, you've never shown it before, right ??!! it's gorgeous !