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Today I tried to count my WIPs. I´m now up to 20 WIPs (if I found all of them :-).

I really have to organize my WIPs. I have to find a strategy to not  become too overwhelmed with all my stitchings.

First I put all my projects for exchanges and gifts in a special bag. I usually don´t like to stitch for datelines, so I always try to finish my stitching for exchanges far before the mailing date.

I have to finish project for the Freebie Exchange. I finished the stitching, but I have to do the finishing which will take some time. The mailing date is September 19th, so I think it will be no problem to finish it in the next two weeks.

Then I have to start my stitching for the Redwork Exchange on the Stitching Blogger Exchange BB. Mailing date is November 1th, so I have some time. I think I know what I´ll stitch and how I´ll so the finishing.

And I have to stitch my Birthday gift for my Birthday Buddy for December. I´m working on it right now, so it should be finished right in time.

Now it looks like it will be feasible. The only thing, I have to try to start no new projects. So my Biedermeier Sampler has to wait till next  year.

I want to finish Merry Cox Birds&Berries for myself. I´m close to finish the stitching, so this will be my focus project. And maybe I will start the House Huswif challenge from the UK TSG. It´s such a fun project. Several designers design a seasonal Huswif. Only the pattern, without instructions for stitches and no color code. So the huswif will become an unique piece for all participants.

And when I looke for my WIPs, I found the Sandy Orton English Bandsampler. I put only a few stitches in it. I totally forgot about it. I kitted it up with Vikki Clayton silks. I loved this sampler the first time I saw it.

And here my very, very few progress!!

So my strategy,

-I´ll stitch on my exchanges -

- I´ll finish B&B -

- I´ll stitch on the English Bandsampler -

- and maybe start the House Huswif -




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Romy 28/08/2005 20:27

Susan, itŽs definitely possible that you are right *lol*

Susan Tyson 28/08/2005 16:18

Romy, my friend.... sounds good...but it will not work...with friends like me make you want to start more!! lol Susan

Mercedes 27/08/2005 21:21

Wow, Romy I thought I had a lot of wips but you win me, lol
Your option sound great . I Žm involved in two RR and exchanges , so I do this first and the rest time continue my progress on the rest of the wips, preferibly two on hands.

BeckySC 27/08/2005 04:39

Your progress looks great, Romy :)

Laurie 27/08/2005 01:49

The thought of counting all my WIPs is too frightful to think about. I'm happy to read that you've started by birthday gift. :) LOL