Birds & Berries

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I just finished my stitching on the Merry Cox Birds & Berries sewing case. Now will come the finishing part. I´m happy that I found the perfect dupion silk for lining in my local fabric store. The colour really goes beautiful with the stitching.

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dissertation 17/08/2009 13:42

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Cécile 29/08/2005 08:26

Ohhhh it's beautiful Romy

Cathy 29/08/2005 06:20

Wow! This piece is really beautiful Romy - I've been visiting your blog for a few days now. You do beautiful work!

Cathymk 29/08/2005 00:50

Looks lovely Romy! I love Merry Cox Designs. Enjoy your finishing!

Catherine 28/08/2005 21:46

So beautiful. Keep up the good work for the finishing :)