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Yesterday I found some time to start the finishing on the Merry Cox Birds & Berries sewingcase. I finished the case and now I only have to do the little pocket inside and have to sew on the linen for the needlecase pages.

I´m a person who keeps all and everything *lol*. Now I know why I kept the about 100 years old handwoven bed linen from my grandmothers sleeping room. I´m really happy, because it´s the perfect antique linen for the needlecase pages.


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Susan Tyson 31/08/2005 12:07

Gorgeous!! Romy, thanks for showing us your beautiful work. I always leave your blog with a smile on my face! Your friend, Susan

Barbara 31/08/2005 09:12

This is the most beautiful finished version I've seen of this pattern (which I have been working up my courage to try). Wonderful!

Karen 31/08/2005 09:09

Congratulations Romy - it's gorgeous!

Mercedes 30/08/2005 10:16

This color is great! Your finishing is super too , I hope to see the other pieces finished

Vero M 30/08/2005 10:12

Bravo Romy !! gorgeous in deutsch :-))