My Beekeeper Story!

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This days the ladies of the "Stitching Smalls" group remembered me of the My Beekeeper online class from Elegant Stitch.

The class is designed and taught by Jackie du Plessis of It´s Fine-ally Finished. So I know, I can learn a lot of  finishing during the class. It will take place next week, so I pulled it out to catch up with the stitching.

But now my long/bad Beekeeper Story!

The whole design is stitched with repeated pinwheels. I´m not really a fan of repeated patterns, so when I started the stitching some weeks ago,  I tried to change this, and I stitched only the boarder and wanted to fill the other area with a BN one over one stitching.

Now Jackie motivated me to stitch the original design because of the honeycomb look of the pinwheels - hence the Bee Keeper title. And I think there will come out additional pieces.

So I overcame to rip the one over one stitching. If some of you ever tried to rip one over one, you know that this took some hours :-(. When I wanted to rip the last few stitches, I cut one of the linen threads too :-)!!!!!!!!!!!! I really was in the mood to cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But I tried to repair this, and it worked. Yesterday I stitched the whole evening on it and put a lot of the pinwheels into. Slowly I got the rhythm, and I really got very happy with it. When I wanted to go to bed and looked a last time on it (and took a closer look to the instructions), I saw..................that the center of the pinwheels should have stitched with straight stitches two over two!! And I filled them with Satin Stitches.

Maybe this project don´t like me???!!!

What shall I do now? I can´t rip it out, because I would have to rip all my stitching. So I should restart it. But now, maybe I would have not enough of the silks!

I think I will continue with the stitching, and will call it a personal adaption??


 I tried one of the pinwheels with the correct stitching. (It´s the right one). I did all of them like the left one.

What do you think?? Shall I restart or shall I continue stitching??


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Shantti 09/09/2005 14:48

Don't restart! Your way is beeautiful:-))

Romy 06/09/2005 15:09

Jackie, when this opinion comes from the designer, IŽll continue stitching :-). IŽm looking forward to the finishing class. Thank you!!

Jackie 06/09/2005 02:19

I love it - your piece will be unique - you are doing a wonderful job - do not change a thing - Perfect stitches!!!! Romy - Thank you

Jenna 05/09/2005 03:26

Sorry for the blank comment, I accidentally hit the button before I typed.

Anyway, I agree with everyone else who has posted a comment. I love the look of the satin stitches the way that you did it and think you should continue on with your adaptation and be happy with your unique result. :)

Danielle 04/09/2005 17:15

Romy, I heard from someone that she also did long satin stitches there as well, and had thought in the future Jackie was taching that piece that way. So I don't think it matters which way you decide to stitch that space. I say just keep on with it if you like the effect!! I am sure either way will be lovely. I am sooo behind, I think I will have to just print out the finishing directions and do it later. Keep up the good work!!!