Prairie Schooler pinkeep

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This weekend I found some time to finish this little pinkeep.

I stitched a Prairie Schooler freebie one over one on 32 count sandstone linen.  This was my first try to finish a pinkeep.

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nataliejo 08/09/2005 23:03

Romy - I've just read Vero's blog in which she mentioned the surprise you sitched for her in secret ! That is so sweet from you ! so thoughtful too !

arel 06/09/2005 21:16

lovely, love your finishing

Barbara 06/09/2005 20:18

I love Prairie Schooler and your finish on this little freebie is inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

Cathy 06/09/2005 05:42

You make the finishing look so easy! Your stitching is always beautiful - I love visiting your blog!

Danielle 06/09/2005 04:07

This is gorgeous Romy!!! Your over one stitching is always so perfect looking! Do you stitch a certain way? I just finished my first over one project, and my little x's don't look so nice!! I love how it is finished!! As always--lovely work!!! :)