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How many scissors need an embroideress?? I think, never enough :-)!!

I love scissores, and I´m always looking for special ones. When I go shopping with my 10 years old daughter Marlene, and I look at scissors. She always cries: "Please Mami, no more scissors, you really have enough!!!!!" When I look at my collection, I have to say, maybe it´s quite possible :-)!!

But I love them all!!!!!!!!


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Lee 12/09/2005 03:34

Fabulous collection! No - you can never have enough!

Carol 10/09/2005 08:01

Oh my! What a large and lovely collection of scissors - I am drooling over them - LOL!

arel 09/09/2005 19:09

I only own 4 of them, but I hope I'll find some pretty ones soon ; your collection is wonderful

Catherine 09/09/2005 11:21

I agree with you, Romy. We never have enough scissors! Your collection is great

sophie 08/09/2005 13:55

it's wonderful, i love it