Antique Embroidery

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I have a great collection of antique embroidery which I got from friends and family.

I think I´m the only one who loves needlwork in our family. So fortunately I get all the old embroidery from friends and family they don´t care for. I think you can understand how happy I am about this :-)!!

I just got another old pillow from my aunt. It´s all stitched with tent stitch over one!!!! It´s a little damaged, and the threads are surely faded, but it´s really beautiful. She told me, that it was already antique when she got it about 60 years ago. I think it´s stitched in the 19th century.


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Vero M 11/09/2005 14:59

Oh la la Romy !! This is a gorgeous piece !! How lucky you are :-)))))

Angela 11/09/2005 08:30

This is an amazing piece!!!
I love old patterns with flowers.

Danielle 10/09/2005 23:55

Wow Romy. You must have a lovely collection! Even old and a bit faded, it is really lovely!

Cécile 10/09/2005 20:15

It is an advantage of being only in the family, so you will receive all the antique embroidery. It's a beautiful pillow.