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This weekend I finished my piece for the Freebie exchange. I´ll post a picture when it´s arrived in US.

Now I may add a new project to my  "actual WIPs". I usually stitch on 4 projects at a time. (And try to forget about all the other started pieces *lol*, so I don´t become to much overwhelmed with all my started projects *lol*)

Currently I stitch on Laurie´s birthday present, on the redwork exchange, on the My Beekeeper and now I thought of maybe a new start, or to add one of my started pieces to my WIPs.

I decided to make some more progress on one of the trousses I bought at the  http://www.atelierfeesbrodeuses.fr/ (Look under Trousses

I bought three of them, and slowly it´s really time to finish one of them :-)!!

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Danielle, I have a lot of your designs in my stash, I really love them. Thank you for your wonderful designs!
Hello Romy<br /> I'm so enjoy that you stitch my trousse and I hope you take pleasure to use that sewing :-))<br /> friendly, Danielle GC - Couleurs Croisées from France
Salut aux brodeuses et à leur clan sur over-blog dans la catégorie "maison et décoration"...j'essaie aussi de broder, mais avec des parpaings...ça compte ?<br /> Amicalement.<br /> <br /> http://autoconstruction.over-blog.com/
bonjour Romy!!<br /> Waou!! I love those trousses.<br /> waiting for next pictures
OOOHHHH, I love these trousses and I have 3 myself but not the one you are stitching on. I think it is time to order more? I will love watching your progress!! BRAVO BRAVO Romy - beautiful stitches!