looking through my stash :-)

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After I was viewing all this lovely Merry Garry´s sewing cabin finishes, I wanted to stitch one of her designs too. So I just was on the way to place an online order for one of her designs.

But just I was looking through my stash........and do you know what I found??? Some of the Remember the Ladies kits, which I bought some time ago. I totally forgot about them.

And the best!!! I had the the Merry Gerry Sewing Cabin Milkpaint Sampler in my stash. All kited up :-)!!

So I learned, first looking through my stash - before ordering new charts :-)!! Hopefully I´ll remember on this next time :-)!!

But anyway, I just placed an order for some of the French books. Can´t wait till they will arrive!!

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Hello Romy, as I baught a kit for Myrna in france, I will received this one in return.
love collecting too !!! got that one too, it's so adorable !
I think we can all survive without any new ones two or three lives *lol*!!<br /> I love stitching, but I love collecting too :-)!!<br />
Thank you for your kind words, Terri!
Congratulations! It's always nice to be able to go shopping in your stash and not have to spend any money to find a beautiful project. :)