update on my sampler trousse

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I finished all the pockets of the French Sampler Trousse, and I really like how it comes along.

I especially like the combination of cross stitch two over two and cross stitch one over one of the scissors pocket. Isn´t this a cute pocket??

This was really a quick stitching. Now I have to stitch the letter for personalazing on the outside of the trousse. But then will come the finishing part, and I think it will took a little longer :-)!!

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Romy 29/09/2005 15:30

I know Hardanger, but IŽm always too fairfully to cut in my stitching :-)!

sissi 29/09/2005 10:20

beautiful work...do you know HARDANGER broderie ?
love it !

2miaou 21/09/2005 06:49

it's very beautiful! congratulations!!!

Cécile 20/09/2005 15:01

Waow yes it is very cute

Barbara 19/09/2005 22:34

Romy, I just love visiting and seeing your beautiful new projects. This is another one that I wish I had! Great work!!