Autumn walking tour

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Today we had a wonderful autumn Sunday with bright sunshine!! Perfect for a walking tour to the alpine pastures. There are several mountains and alpine pastures around our little town, so we started to a walking tour and it was really wonderful.

We walked about 20 km, so now I´m a little tired and I´m looking forward to a relaxing Sunday evening with a little stitching :-)!!

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June 30/09/2005 17:20

The first pic sure reminds me of the show, The Sound of Music. How picturesque and how blessed are you to be surrounded by such beauty.

Danielle 26/09/2005 17:53

How gorgeous! That sounds like a lovely day to me!!

anneke 26/09/2005 16:20

Hi Romy,
what a pretty pictures. I just told my daughter (9yo) that they look just like real Austrian pictures: the mountains, the cows and the path look pretty Austrian to me!
hope you found the time to stitch, you deserved it.

Cécile 26/09/2005 08:36

Waow lovely pictures on a sunny day. Thanks to show it to us

Mary Lou 25/09/2005 19:14

What lovely scenery! You are fortunate to have such beautiful countryside surrounding your town, and the wonderful weather to enjoy it now.