Autumn walking tour

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Today we had a wonderful autumn Sunday with bright sunshine!! Perfect for a walking tour to the alpine pastures. There are several mountains and alpine pastures around our little town, so we started to a walking tour and it was really wonderful.

We walked about 20 km, so now I´m a little tired and I´m looking forward to a relaxing Sunday evening with a little stitching :-)!!

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The first pic sure reminds me of the show, The Sound of Music. How picturesque and how blessed are you to be surrounded by such beauty.
How gorgeous! That sounds like a lovely day to me!!
Hi Romy,<br /> what a pretty pictures. I just told my daughter (9yo) that they look just like real Austrian pictures: the mountains, the cows and the path look pretty Austrian to me!<br /> great!<br /> hope you found the time to stitch, you deserved it.<br />
Waow lovely pictures on a sunny day. Thanks to show it to us
What lovely scenery! You are fortunate to have such beautiful countryside surrounding your town, and the wonderful weather to enjoy it now.