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Finally my new ordered French books arrived. I really like them. Especially in the Petits Cadeaux Brodes I found a lot if inspirations and new ideas.

Especially I like the Sac été:

And I found some ideas for using linen bands, which I have a lot in my stash:

Slowly my French Book collection is growing and growing.



I can´t read the instructions, but I love viewing the pictures :-)! I had French in school for about one or two years, and I really  don´t know why I now can´t understand anything written in French?? If I ever had known that I´ll need French for my love of cross stitch, I really would have taken much more care on my French lessons :-)!

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cameron 03/06/2006 23:01

ils sont tres beaux tous ces livres ,see you later
cameron in france

Romy 16/10/2005 21:22

Hallo Cathy, ich habe dir schon vor einem Monat geantwortet. Habe gerade wieder ein mail geschickt. Lass es mich wissen ob du es bekommen hast. Bin schon gespannt auf deinen Blog.

Cathy HUET aus Frankreich 16/10/2005 20:16

Hallo Rommy,
ich versuche mit Dir durch Deine Internet Adresse zu melden aber das klappt nicht.....Ich besuche oft Deine Blog und freue mich riesig über diese Besuch Bei dir!!!!
Wunderbach sind deine muster....Ich habe auch bemerkt das Du Viele französiche Bücher hast, wie bei mir....
Es kommt bald meine Blog. Wir werden mit meine zwei Söhne in einige Wochen es bilden....Ich hoffe es Dir gefällt
Viele liebe GrüBe....

Marie 12/10/2005 08:35

Romy there are some free english translations regarding first range of our stitching fairies purses ( Abeilles, Mille fleurs, Brodez si m'en croyez, Myosotis ) but I haven't yet translated others and can't promise to have time to do this work in the next weeks: no unwillingness or need of motivation only days too short !!!
Please, have pity on me :)
In the newest pouches (Manon, Mimi Lapin ) intending to help, we put some photos and drawings;
My Jardin d'amour isn't difficult to sew ; the unique difficuty is to sew the central inside panel : I can try to translate this part of the instructions : mail me


Romy 30/09/2005 14:39

Anne, there are two needlecases inside. But I donŽt understand how to finish them :-)!