Freebie Exchange

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Today I got my wonderful freebie for the freebie exchange which Tracey stitched for me!! I absolutely love it!! She stitched for me "Dear Friend" by Brightneedle. The front and back are stitched one over one, and Tracey did a gorgeous job on the finishing.

Isn´t this a lovely freebie, stitching and finishing??

Tracey included the chart for this, and a lovely pattern by Blackbird Design. I surely will stitch both of them by myself somedays.


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Marie 04/10/2005 16:00

Wonderful, I like it.....

Danielle 03/10/2005 21:29

Tracey sends the best gifts!! I always love it when she has my name! She did a great job on it!!

TraceyIL 03/10/2005 12:56

I'm glad you like it Romy! I did change the colors somewhat. ENJOY! --Tracey

Cécile 03/10/2005 08:17

It's a very lovely freebie pattern

Catherine 02/10/2005 13:29

Romy, you're a licky girl :) enjoy your presents!