cross stitcher in residence

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Just I finished the Lizzie Kate "Cross Stitcher in Residence" design. That´s really a cute little design and absolutely fast to stitch!

I changed the colours into Vikki Clayton silks, and now I have to think how to finish it. I surely will finish it as an ornament to hang it on my door.

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AnneS 06/10/2005 13:42

I love this piece - it will look great stitched as an ornament to hang on the door. I'm quite tempted to buy this one too :-)

BeckySC 05/10/2005 23:12

Lovely, Romy-your changes are wonderful!

I received this in an exchange a few years back and it hangs on the door to my stithcing room :)

Danielle 05/10/2005 20:52

Looks lovely!! VC silks are really gorgeous!

Jenna 05/10/2005 19:43

Looks great! You did a fine job with your conversion.

Cécile 04/10/2005 20:28

I have this patern in my "to do". It's very lovely, congratulations for the choice of colors