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Today I received my order from the Kunst & Vliegwerk onlineshop in the Netherlands.

I ordered some fabric samples for linen. So I received try outs for 30, 36, 40, 48 and 55 count. No idea if I ever will stitch on the higher counts, but now I have them in my stash, and that´s a good feeling :-)!

I ordered also a Silk Gauze try out, and some charts for it. I never stitched on Silk Gauze, and that´s something I really have to try immediately. I pulled out some of the Mary Beal pattern cards which I had in my stash. I think this designs will work great on Silk Gauze. I´m thinking of stitching a pinkeep, and maybe it will become the first piece of a pinkeep collection :-). Think one of the French ladies has infected me. Wavings to Vero :-)!!!!

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Danielle 15/10/2005 03:21

Look at all those goodies!! I am interested in the silk gauze, too, so you have to let us know how it goes. I love the little beehive sampler!

Cécile 14/10/2005 09:19

I love when you say "No idea if I ever will stitch on the higher counts, but now I have them in my stash, and thatŽs a good feeling :-)!", lol. It's very lovely

Angela 13/10/2005 18:29

Great stash: it's always amazing trying new linen.

Romy 13/10/2005 14:17

This is one of the pattern cards by Mary Beal. This I started on Silk Gauze, but can only put in a few stitches a day. DonŽt want to become blind with 16 stitches/cm *lol*

Annemiek 13/10/2005 14:05

Hey Romy,
Great stash, I love the little charts by Threads Through Time. Can you tell me what the little chart in the middle is? The one with the round design and what looks like a small bargello design in the left corner?
Enjoy your goodies,