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Samedi 13 février 6 13 /02 /Fév 14:19
I finished the model stitching of my new design "Grandmother's Favourite Letters".

The model is framed, some pictures are taken and the charts should be available in your LNS and OLS in US soon.
The model is stitched on 36 count antique white linen and the stitch count is 239 x 329 stitches and is dedicated to my grandmother Eleonora who was born in 1882.

I just added the framed model on my sampler wall. It's always such a great feeling when a sampler design is finished and I can hang it on my wall. I'm feeling happy and satisfied - and now ............... a new day...........
a new sampler  of course

Par Romy in Austria - Publié dans : designs Romy in Austria
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It's very nice. I like it very much.
Commentaire n°1 posté par Pascale D. le 13/02/2010 à 15h52
C'est tres bonne!
Commentaire n°2 posté par Edy le 13/02/2010 à 16h42
C'est tres bonne.
Commentaire n°3 posté par Edy le 13/02/2010 à 16h43
Hi Romy,

Your new sampler is gorgeous!  I love it.

Commentaire n°4 posté par Holly le 13/02/2010 à 21h00
The new sampler is so nicely balanced -- I love it. I've done your Spot and Deer, and now this, too, is a must do. Thanks for your fine designs and the pleasure they bring me.
Commentaire n°5 posté par sjowarner le 14/02/2010 à 04h18
Congratulations Romy, the sampler is gorgeous. I'm sure your grandma would love it.
Commentaire n°6 posté par Carol Hansen le 14/02/2010 à 14h08
Another beauty from your hands!!! Congratulations for a great design :)
Commentaire n°7 posté par Mayté le 14/02/2010 à 18h08
Your grandma's sampler is gorgeous.
Commentaire n°8 posté par Fatema le 14/02/2010 à 18h18
Another beautiful piece!  Well done.
Commentaire n°9 posté par Mare le 20/02/2010 à 03h08
What a work, congratulations, it is very very beautiful!
Best regards of marylin FRANCE
Commentaire n°10 posté par marylin & poussy le 05/03/2010 à 19h25
Beautiful sampler. I too have a smapler wall ~ this design would look lovely on it!
Commentaire n°11 posté par MarieP le 08/03/2010 à 02h49

c'est magnifique:bravo

Commentaire n°12 posté par helene le 08/04/2010 à 23h53

WoW! such a great blog.=D

Commentaire n°13 posté par altenpflege le 13/01/2012 à 03h11

We also do this in Romania, sometimes at larger scale ... :)

Commentaire n°14 posté par Esanu Stefan le 04/03/2012 à 12h19
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