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  • my needlecases

    23 juin 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I really love needlecases. Today I took a picture of my small collection. The two in the middle are new only with an antique look, but the wooden right and the brass on the left side are from my grandmother, so they should be about 100 years.

  • Catherine Armchair Pinkeep progress

    25 juin 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    After a lot of working in the garden this afternoon, I found some time this evening to finish my stitching on the Catherine Armchair Pinkeep. Now will come the harder part....... the finishing. IŽll wait for this till IŽll get a "silent" hour without...

  • Sunday!

    26 juin 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I just came home from a wonderful round at the Golf Course, and our daughter had fun too :-)! Now IŽll sit in the garden and try to finish the Indigo Rose Armchair Pinkeep.

  • Catherines Armchair Pinkeep HD

    27 juin 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Yesterday evening I finished my Indigo Rose onlineclass, it tooks a some more time as I expected, but now itŽs finished and IŽm very happy with it.

  • Rosebud Scissores Keeper progress

    29 juin 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I finished my stitching on the C.A.Wells Rosebud Scissores Keeper. Now I have to do the finishing. ItŽs a cute little three dimensional design. There is a white work, a cross stitch and an initial side.

  • a new "want to start"!

    30 juin 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Just I got this cute little Jessie & Me design. It has everything I like on a design, cross stitch, cross stitch one over one, speciallity stitches overdyed threads....... Think this will become a new start soon!

  • Austrian embroidery stamp!!!

    23 juillet 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I just got a message with a link about a stamp with embroidery which is realized in our country. Monday I have to go to the postoffice and have to look for this stamp!!!

  • Dear Stitching Friends!

    17 octobre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Thank you all for your response to my last question!!! Now I know another reason why I love to embroider :-)! It´s so great to "meet" same minded stitchers! I think, without you all, stitching would be only half of fun!!

  • another play with my quilt squares

    04 novembre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Today I discovered this map, and so I did another play with my quilt squares. Isn´t it funny to look where all this squares comes from?? So far, 14 stitchers (with me) stitched on this quilt.

  • Prairie Schooler Freebie

    23 février 2006 ( #romyaustria )

    I just discovered the PS Freebie for Spring. I think that would be a nice ornament to stitch in March??!!

  • New blog!

    08 avril 2010

    Dear stitching friends! The last time I had a lot of problems to post on this page - so I have decide to start a new blog! Hopefully all my loyal readers will follow me to this place - please I would love to see you on the new blog The old blog will not...

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