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  • new stash!

    18 juin 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Just I received some new charts which I bought on ebay. The Celtic Band Sampler by Homespun Samplar, since long time I wanted to start this sampler. The Strawberry Sampler Scissores Case, because I never can resist to buy special needlework necessaire...

  • new actual WIP

    22 juin 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    After I finished the Coeur Romantique I have to chose a new actual WIP. I just counted my WIPs...currently....18 WIPs. But I always select only 2 or 3 of them to make some progress. Mostly one with speciality stitches, one easy to stitch and maybe one...

  • Lancaster Manor Pocket

    24 juin 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Thank you Laurie for motivating me to think about kiting up the Lancaster Manor Pocket. I bought the chart from a stitchingfriend who took the class and she included the left over silks. So itŽs easier to find the right supplies for this design. Yesterday...

  • my cross stitch quilt project

    01 juillet 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Back in 2003 I had an idea for a "cross stitch friendship quilt". This time I started collecting little cross stitch squares. All are stitched on 32 count linen and have a max. stitchcount of 52x52. I stitched some by myself and I got some beautiful squares...

  • new actual WIP, Periwinkle Sampler Accent

    03 juillet 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    In July I had two finishes and only one new start. So maybe IŽm really on the way to reduce my WIPs. Now I have 17 official WIPs and I have to add one actual WIP. I chose a Periwinkle Promisis sampler accent. I have several of this kits and they are stitched...

  • new stitching idea

    04 juillet 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I just found this side with a new stitching idea. IsnŽt this an interesting idea for a new project??!! IŽm seriously thinking of decorating one of my aprons which I wear to our Austrian...

  • Threads Through Time, Thread Keeper

    05 juillet 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Today I got the Threads Through Time Thread Keeper Kit, another beautiful Swan Sampler Guild project. I had to order this, after I saw LynnŽs beautiful piece. She did a wonderful job on this. I have...

  • patchwork??!!

    07 juillet 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    After I saw all the gorgeous patchwork projects of the French ladies, I couldnŽt resist longer and just I placed my first order in a Patchwork onlinestore. I ordered a lot of Japanese magazines and books, because I really liked them best. Never did any...

  • My Bee Keeper class

    09 juillet 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Just I pulled out my kit for Jackie du Plessies Bee Keeper onlineclass which will take place in September. This is another Elegant Stitch class. ItŽs a needlecase with six pockets. But there is some pre...

  • before it will become an UFO

    10 juillet 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Yesterday I pulled out my WIPs. And I found a lot of big WIPs, so I decided to make some progress on one of them before they will become UFOs. I have a lot of Chatelaine designs started (since long time). The only Chatelaine Mandala Garden I ever finished...

  • Inspirations!!!

    20 juillet 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I`m absolutely fond in needlework accessoires like sewingcases, pincushions, needlebooks............ So I often visit this HP and I always get a lot of inspirations! I love viewing the beautiful samplers too,...

  • Why do you love to stitch??

    15 octobre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    As I spend a lot of time with stitching, it´s time to think seriously WHY do I love to stitch, and WHY did I become addicted to cross stitch??? First it´s absolutely hard for me to put my thoughts into English words, but I´ll try. It´s really not for...

  • old magazines

    27 octobre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Today I got my order from I got some older Just Cross Stitch magazines, with the Merry Cox Seek Joy needlebook in, and the Just Cross Stitch magazines with the Merry Cox Share Thy Bounty designs in. Each for $ 2,97. And I received...

  • A StitcherŽs Accessory Book

    21 janvier 2006 ( #romyaustria )

    I just discovered this Stitcher´s Accessory Book on the JAT website! It´s another Designing Ladies project! That´s really a lovely way of finishing! I think that´s another "stitching small"...

  • Hello Friends!!!

    11 juin 2006 ( #romyaustria )

    Hello dear stitching friends!! Maybe you are wondering why I haven´t updated my blog since several days????!!!! It´s because I havn´t toutched a needle since some weeks! I don´t know why???, but it looks like I have a little stitching "burn out"??!!!...

  • Thank you so much!!!

    04 mars 2007 ( #romyaustria )

    Thank you so much for your postings, and your kind comments on my coming back, ladies! I was so happy to read all those posts from my dear "old" and some "new" friends!! I really have a feeling like coming back home to friends!!! I have to visit now all...

  • Online Needlework Show

    24 septembre 2008

    The online needlework just started, and I'm really a little excited because it's the first time my designs can be found on the show page of European Cross Stitch Co. which is my distributor. Only retailers are able to place orders there, but it's so nice...

  • Watergarden July progress

    31 juillet 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I did a very, very little progress on Watergarden in July. But I think it´s almost better to put only a few stitches in every month, than it will become an UFO forever.

  • my stitching for the Summer Exchange

    02 août 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I just got the message that my stitching for the Birthday Buddies Summer Exchange arrived in US, so I may post pictures now! I stitched parts of the Drawn Thread Sunflower Bellpull and finished them as a little case. front back inside

  • Birds & Berries progress

    03 août 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I just finished the front of this Merry Cox needlecase. It`s so tiny and lovely and really looks much better in reality as on the picture. Here now the "Austrian version" of Birds&Berries. On the front I stitched "meine Nadel - mein Freund" (my needle...

  • Bourse de Brodeuse!

    07 août 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I finished my stitching on the Au Fil des Reves Bourse de Brodeuse. It was really a quick and fun stiching! And I love how the colors of the silk, fabric and lining fit together. Now I only have to wait for a "silent" hour for finishing :-)!

  • Finished Bourse de Brodeuse

    14 août 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Today I finished my Bourse de Brodeuse. It´s really a lovely little design and the finishing was easy. I´m sure I´ll use this kind of finishing for further projects.

  • Ackworth Books

    18 août 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Just I received my Ackworth diary and pattern book! The diary is wonderful and also the pattern book is just great! I think I´ll use it as a stitching diary to record my stitching for the next three years.

  • Betsy Morgan kit

    19 août 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Today I had another great mail day :-), my Betsy Morgan kit the "Spanish Sampler Etui", a class from the Swan Sampler Guild, arrived today. I really fell in love with this design the first time I saw it. Hopefully I will find time soon to start this great...

  • my stitching corner

    21 août 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I´m always admiring those beautiful stitching rooms of my stitching friends. Really great to have such a room. I don´t have a stitching room, so I created a little "stitching corner" to display my stitching smalls which I stitched and got from stitching...

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