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  • Birds & Berries

    28 août 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I just finished my stitching on the Merry Cox Birds & Berries sewing case. Now will come the finishing part. I´m happy that I found the perfect dupion silk for lining in my local fabric store. The colour really goes beautiful with the stitching.

  • Prairie Schooler pinkeep

    05 septembre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    This weekend I found some time to finish this little pinkeep. I stitched a Prairie Schooler freebie one over one on 32 count sandstone linen. This was my first try to finish a pinkeep.

  • cross stitcher in residence

    04 octobre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Just I finished the Lizzie Kate "Cross Stitcher in Residence" design. That´s really a cute little design and absolutely fast to stitch! I changed the colours into Vikki Clayton silks, and now I have to think how to finish it. I surely will finish it as...

  • English Bandsampler progress

    07 octobre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I did a little progress on the English Bandsampler by Sandy Orton. I really love this sampler. I´m stitching with the colour conversion of Vikki Clayton silks and the colours are slightly different as the DMC threads, but I really like how it comes a...

  • a little finish

    10 octobre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    This weekend I found some time for finishing. So I finished my piece for the redwork exchange, will post a picture when it´s arrived in.................??? :-)!! And I finished the Lizzie Kate design " Cross Stitcher in Residence" as an ornament. Now...

  • a new square

    29 octobre 2005 ( #Friendship Quilt )

    I just finished a new square for my quilt. It´s from the Quaker Medallion Bellpull by Ruth Ann Russel. It´s stitched mostly with my favourite Gloriana silk colour "Blue Gras" on sand linen. Slowly I really become addicted to stitch and collect those...

  • English Band Sampler progress

    03 novembre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I did a little progress on the Sandy Orton English Band Sampler. I really love to stitch on this sampler and I like how it comes along with Vikki Clayton silks.

  • new scissors

    10 novembre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Today I got another French order. I ordered two new (old looking) scissores and a great catalogue for needlework tools. The book is really interesting for all needlwork tool lovers and collectors.

  • an Italian square for my quilt

    16 novembre 2005 ( #Friendship Quilt )

    I just received a beautiful Italian square, from my dear stitching friend Angela!! She stitched for me a part of the Workbasket Flower Sampler. It´s perfectly stitched one over one!!!!! and I absloutely love it!!! Thank you Angela!!!!

  • Alphabete for the Embroideres

    22 novembre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    At the moment I´m totally fond in old stitching books and charts, so I bought some old pattern books on ebay. Today the first arrived. I really like it, there are about 90 pages with alphabetes, borderes and ornaments. Really lovely and useful!

  • see you soon!

    23 novembre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Here it´s totally Winter, a lot of snow and terrible cold, so I need some days with sun on the beach :-)!!! Will be back soon, please don´t forget me :-)!!

  • IŽm back!

    02 décembre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I just came back from my vacation and I really had a wonderful time!! I found a Christmas package in the mail!!! Jodi stitched for me a wonderful ornament (one over one) and sent some great fabric!! Thank you Jodi, I love your package!!

  • Maison des brodeuse

    03 décembre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I just got the message that my birthday present arrived at my dear Birthday Buddy Laurie in US :-), so I may show a picture what I stitched for her! I stitched the Maison des brodeuse pinkeep and scissors case by Au fil des reves. It was really funny...

  • another great mail day :-)!!

    07 décembre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Today I got another package from my dear stitching friend Susan. I think now it´s official :-) I can´t resist the temptation of ripping open my packages earlier :-)!! She sent everything I need for being happy :-) a lot of threads, needles, scissor and...

  • another ebay dillmont

    08 décembre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I bought the Dillmont Enzyklopädie of the femal needlework on ebay and I really love to read this book. There are a lot of interesting things in this book and I´m happy that I have it now in my anitique book collection.

  • for a dear friend

    25 décembre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I stitched "For a Special Stitcher" and "For a Dear Friend" by Elizabeth design and finished it as a needlebook for my friend Susan. Now I got the message that it´s arrived. needlebook front needlebook back open

  • Catherine Agnes progress day 2

    28 décembre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I really have no stitching time at the moment, but this Catherine Agnes by Indigo Rose is so much fun to stitch. So I did a little progress on it yesterday. So now how it looks after stitching two days on it.

  • Mystery IX

    03 janvier 2006 ( #romyaustria )

    The first two days of the year I stitched on Mystery IX by Chatelaine. I like these colours and I`m curiously how a vegetable garden will look like :-)! Here´s my progress so far, and I´m wondering when I´ll fall behind with this mystery :-).

  • progress on the Quaker Sampler

    08 janvier 2006 ( #romyaustria )

    Today I finished page two of the Quaker sampler. This designs are really funny and relaxing to stitch. And it´s funny to think about which colour to use next!

  • snow and sunshine!

    09 janvier 2006 ( #romyaustria )

    I usually don´t like winter very much. I absolutely love more the warmer seasons. But this year we have so much snow and so much sunshine, so it´s really great to go sking and to walk around. As you can see my DD loves it too :-)!

  • My Beekeeper class

    14 janvier 2006 ( #romyaustria )

    I finally finished the stitching for The Beekeeper class by Jackie du Plessies. Now I´ll follow Jackies excellent finishing instructions step by step. Hope I can post a finished picture soon :-)!! This pinwheels really look great!!!

  • progress on Catherine Agnes by Indigo Rose

    20 janvier 2006 ( #romyaustria )

    I did a little progress on Catherine Agnes by Indigo Rose and added some more spots. That´s really a funny project and I love to learn more specialty stitches.

  • Ewe&Eye&Friends

    02 février 2006 ( #romyaustria )

    I just discovered (again) my love for Ewe&Eye&Friends charts. Some days ago I started the small sampler # 10. These designs are so funny and fast to stitch and I love the muted colours. And as always, I totally lost my selfcontrol for buying new charts...

  • surprise in the mail

    03 février 2006 ( #romyaustria )

    Today I got an absolutely unexpected package from Jody with wonderful fabric, and.....................the most wonderful walnut thread keeper. Her father made this pretty heart and I absolutely love it and will treasure it forever!!

  • Catherine Agnes

    11 février 2006 ( #romyaustria )

    Here´s a picture of my (slow) progress on Catherine Agnes by Indigo Rose. I added another of the spots to the sampler and I started to stitch the alphabet and the borders, so hopefully I will not become boring at the end.

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