I love spring!

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Is there any better time of the year than spring??
And is there any greater artist in the world than nature??
Not for me!
I love spring when everything is growing.
There are only a few days when the the shrub at our entrance is blooming like you can see on the picture. I really enjoy every minute of this time and wish you all a happy spring time!

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Louisette 30/10/2009 20:01

Wonderfull blog with handwork, but i love this fotos,with nice flowers
My neighbour have one plant glycerin,
Greeting from Belgium
Have a nice sonday.

trillium 01/06/2009 16:07

Gorgeous wisteria!

Maria del Valle 08/05/2009 18:18

    What beautiful colors  and photo Romy!I wish you a  very happy springAll the best!!Maria del Valle