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  • a tiny HD

    30 juin 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I finished the Rosebud Scissores Keeper, a C.A.Wellls design. The stitching was funny, the finishing of this tiny design was a little difficult but the most difficult part was to take a picture :-)! Don´t know why, but it looks like without shape on the...

  • Merry Cox

    13 juillet 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    After I read Veros blog and her article about Merry Cox , I pulled out my Merry Cox charts. Can´t understand why I never started one of her designs till now?? I really have to change this immediately. But...

  • Patchwork infections!

    14 juillet 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    The French ladies infected me with their patchwork projects. So today I received my first order from a patchwork shop. I bought some fabric. And I bought some Japanese patchwork books.

  • Birthday celebrations!

    19 juillet 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    This weekend our oldest DD will become 18 years old! It´s really a strange feeling to become an adult daughter. Here is a picture of her 18 years ago!! And here an actual one: Today I pulled out her baptized cloth which I stitched 18 years ago. I´m remembering...

  • Birds & Berries started!

    24 juillet 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I started my Merry Cox Birds & Berries and put the first stitches in. But as the most of this piece is stitched tent stitch on 32 count, I always can do only a little progress at a time before my eyes become tired. Now I will stop stitching on this for...

  • Shopping!!!!

    26 juillet 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I just came home from shopping and I want to share with you my purchases! We live in a very little town and when I go shopping I never get the thinks I´m looking for, but I always find a lot of things I´m not looking for but must have :-)! First I bought...

  • Mini Sampler

    28 juillet 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I finished the Periwinkle Promises Sunshine Sampler Accent. This little sampler is worked with silk and only specially stitches. It really was funny to stitch. And now I´m in the mood for a new start! I´m thinking of a sampler, maybe a reproductions sampler....

  • Bourse de Brodeuse

    30 juillet 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    After a discussion at the Swan Sampler group about Silvies (Au Fil des Reves) designs, I totally become tempted to start one of her designs. Immediately I pulled out her Bourse de Brodeuse kit, which I have since some time in my stash and started it last...

  • Bee Keeper onlineclass

    08 août 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I just started my pre stitching for the Bee Keeper online class. The finishing class will take place in September and I absolutely want to finish the pre stitching before class, because I know, I can learn a lot from Jackie du Plessies of It´s Fine-ally...

  • a lovely present!!!

    10 août 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Today I received a lovely present from Angela in Italy! I got this beautiful scissores fob. The front and back are embroidered perfectely !!!! one over one !!!! with cross stitches and queenstitches. And the finishing is perfect and gorgeous too! It´s...

  • new French stash

    12 août 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I havn´t finished the Bourse de Brodeuse by Au Fil des Reves, but I finished the stitching and so I couldn´t resist to order more of this kits. I really love this designs. Today two kits arrived! The Porte ciseaux et aiguilles Maison de Brodeuse and the...

  • my summer exchange from Ann

    16 août 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Today I got my package with my summer exchange from Ann in US. She stitched for me a lovely design "Summer Spot" by Trilogy. And she included some great magazines and wonderful Old Willow threads in muted colours. I just was on the way to order this CC...

  • Sampler!!!!!!

    23 août 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    After stitching a lot of smalls, I´m now in the mood to start some samplers. I was looking through our house, and now I found a perfect place to create a sampler wall. I´m always admiring Dianes "Sampler Cove"

  • organizing my WIPs

    26 août 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Today I tried to count my WIPs. I´m now up to 20 WIPs (if I found all of them :-). I really have to organize my WIPs. I have to find a strategy to not become too overwhelmed with all my stitchings. First I put all my projects for exchanges and gifts in...

  • Finishing

    29 août 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Yesterday I found some time to start the finishing on the Merry Cox Birds & Berries sewingcase. I finished the case and now I only have to do the little pocket inside and have to sew on the linen for the needlecase pages. I´m a person who keeps all and...

  • Redwork Exchange

    30 août 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I finely made my decision what I will stitch for the Stitching Bloggers Redwork Exchange. I will stitch with DMC 814 and I choose my fabric (ivory 32count Belfast linen) and I bought some Austrian "Dirndl" fabric for the finishing, and I´ll stitch for...............that´s...

  • Birds&Berries FINISHED!!!

    31 août 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Today I finished my Merry Cox piece, Birds & Berries. And I have to say, I´m really pleased how it came along. I really love it. It has a little an "antique look", which I love so much on needlworks. This was the first Merry Cox design I finished, but...

  • My Beekeeper Story!

    03 septembre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    This days the ladies of the "Stitching Smalls" group remembered me of the My Beekeeper online class from Elegant Stitch. The class is designed and taught by Jackie du Plessis of It´s Fine-ally Finished....

  • Scissors!!

    07 septembre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    How many scissors need an embroideress?? I think, never enough :-)!! I love scissores, and I´m always looking for special ones. When I go shopping with my 10 years old daughter Marlene, and I look at scissors. She always cries: "Please Mami, no more scissors,...

  • back of the pinkeep

    08 septembre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Just I got the message that the Prairie Schooler Pinkeep arrived in France. So I may show the back of it :-). I stitched it as a little surprise present for Vero, who helped me so much with silks and linen for a design I wanted to start immediately. I...

  • Antique Embroidery

    09 septembre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I have a great collection of antique embroidery which I got from friends and family. I think I´m the only one who loves needlwork in our family. So fortunately I get all the old embroidery from friends and family they don´t care for. I think you can understand...

  • a new actual WIP

    12 septembre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    This weekend I finished my piece for the Freebie exchange. I´ll post a picture when it´s arrived in US. Now I may add a new project to my "actual WIPs". I usually stitch on 4 projects at a time. (And try to forget about all the other started pieces *lol*,...

  • looking through my stash :-)

    15 septembre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    After I was viewing all this lovely Merry Garry´s sewing cabin finishes, I wanted to stitch one of her designs too. So I just was on the way to place an online order for one of her designs. But just I was looking through my stash........and do you know...

  • update on my sampler trousse

    18 septembre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I finished all the pockets of the French Sampler Trousse, and I really like how it comes along. I especially like the combination of cross stitch two over two and cross stitch one over one of the scissors pocket. Isn´t this a cute pocket?? This was really...

  • my stitching for a freebie exchange

    21 septembre 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Just I got the message that my stitching for the freebie exchange in my BB group arrived in US, so I may show a picture. I stitched for Veronica a little freebie from Fancy Work, the Beeskep Tassel. It´s really a tiny freebie, but I always liked it. It´s...

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