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  • my EEF order arrived

    13 février 2006 ( #romyaustria )

    I ordered some more Ewe&Eye&Friends charts. It´s really bad, everytime I love to stitch a design I can´t resist to order more charts of this designer. So today I got a lot more EEF charts. Now I only have to find time to start and to finish them :-))...

  • Happy St. Valentins Day!!

    14 février 2006 ( #romyaustria )

    A happy St. Valentin´s Day to all my stitching friends around the world :-))))

  • EEF Sampler #10

    15 février 2006 ( #romyaustria )

    Yesterday I finished the little Sampler # 10 by Ewe&Eye&Friends. It was such a pleasure to stitch this little design, that I surely will start another of this small samplers soon!!

  • Swan Thread Keeper

    01 mars 2006 ( #romyaustria )

    Today I got another beautiful Thread Keeper designed by Jodi´s Dad. I love the swan and I´m curiously what he will design next :-)!!!

  • Catherine Agnes

    06 mars 2006 ( #romyaustria )

    This weekend I did a little progress on my Catherine Agnes by Indigo Rose. I added two more spots and started the border and stitched one corner. After the spots are done, I think it will be finished soon. I really like Indigo Rose designs, and have to...

  • threads Through Time sewing roll

    29 mars 2006 ( #romyaustria )

    I started the 18th century part of the Threads Through Time sewing roll. It´s designed by Ellen Chester (With my Needle). I try to do a little stitching on it every week, so hopefully it will be finished till the end of the year.

  • my April ornament

    12 avril 2006 ( #romyaustria )

    For my "one ornament a month" goal I stitched and finished this Bunnies by Prairie Schooler. I think that´s a nice decoration for Easter time.

  • Sampler Tote Bag

    19 avril 2006 ( #romyaustria )

    Just I received this Sampler Tote Bag. Isn´t it nice to carry my love for Samplers now with me :-)!! Or maybe I´ll use it to store my actual WIPs. Here you can see a picture of the original sampler.

  • surprise in the mail

    24 avril 2006 ( #romyaustria )

    Today I got a surprise package from my dear friend in stitches Angela. She sent me this lovely box by Des Histoires a Broder. It´s wonderful stitched one over one and perfectly finished!! I really love it.

  • wonderful mail day!!

    09 mai 2006 ( #romyaustria )

    Today I got this lovely scissors keeper and this lovely scissors as a surprise present from Sandra. Isn´t the strawberry scissors keeper beautiful?? I love to get another stitching small for my collection!!! And I love strawberries! Why did you know this,...

  • Milk Paint Sampler

    13 mai 2006 ( #romyaustria )

    I just got the message that my stitching for the Sampler Lady Exchange at the Leacy BB arrived at Cathy. I stitch the Milk Paint Sampler by Merry Gerry´s Sewing Cabin and finished it as little sewing case. back inside

  • my new Ewe&Eye&Friends WIP

    15 mai 2007 ( #romyaustria )

    I couldn´t resist to start a new EEF design last weekend. This designs are really too funny to stitch. I started "In The Pink" on 32 count "English Rose" linen and here`s my progress so far.

  • In The Pink

    21 mai 2007 ( #romyaustria )

    Just I finished In The Pink by Ewe Eye Friends. I stitched on this little design till it was finished. Now I have to decide which way to chose for finishing. Maybe I`ll make it into a pin pillow or maybe only make an ornament?????? Will think about t...

  • a new start!!

    30 mai 2007 ( #romyaustria )

    Last weekend I added a new WIP to my stitching basket! Now I´m wondering if anybody can figure out which designer I chose for this new start :-)!!!????

  • EEF SAL Three Pink Houses

    12 mai 2008 ( #Ewe&Eye&Friends )

    Here's my little progress on Three Pink Houses. I really love how it comes along. These EEF designs have something special. I can't tell what...???-- but they are funny to stitch and look exquiste when they are finished. I'm sure I'll stitch some more...

  • EEF SAL again

    27 mai 2008 ( #Ewe&Eye&Friends )

    Here's my progress so far on the Three Pink Houses I'm doing in the EEF SAL with the EEF girls. I really like how the pink looks on the dirty linen.

  • Because you asked

    05 juin 2008 ( #designs Romy in Austria )

    The chart is available from me and there are more informations on my web site: Romy in Austria, Tradition with a Future There is included an alphabet for personalizing also. If you are interested please feel free to contact me about shipping costs and...

  • Chi's lovely Biscornu finish

    11 août 2008 ( #designs Romy in Austria )

    C Chi in Japan stitched a spot of the Austrian Spot Sampler and finished it as an Biscornu. Isn't that a lovely Biscornu?? She really did a wonderful job on stitching and finishing it. I also love the color she has used. There are more pictures on her...

  • Breath Cancer Awareness Month

    02 octobre 2008 ( #Freebies )

    October is Breath Cancer Awareness Month and so I want also do my little part of promoting Breath Cancer Awareness with this Pink Ribbon freebie click here to get the chart. I think it would look nice finished as a Pink Ribbon Biscournu!

  • New design has been published!

    16 mars 2010 ( #designs Romy in Austria )

    The charts for Grandmother's Favourite Letters have been published now and are on the way to your favourite OLS and LNS. Now I'll rest some days and then I'll work on something totally different. Okay, something traditional - but no sampler.......!!

  • Welcome to my blog!

    09 juin 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Welcome to my blog! ItŽs especially created to write about my love for needlework, especially cross stitch. Here I want to write about my WIPs and hopefully I can write about a lot of finishes as well!

  • new favorite designer (for me)

    14 juin 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I just discovered the designs of Wendy White of Wee Works. And as I love special needlework accessoires, I fell in love with her designs. I couldnŽt resist and bought all I could get. Now only the hard decision which one to start first.

  • no stitching today!

    19 juin 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    Today I spent a wonderful day at the sea without stitching. But with a lot of sun and fun and swimming. Really a wonderful relaxing day!

  • more new stash

    20 juin 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    At the moment I really have no self control in buying new stash. Today I got another package with some Forget Me Nots In Stitches designs. Slowly I really need seven lives to stitch all the projects I bought and want to stitch someday.

  • Coeur Romantic

    21 juin 2005 ( #romyaustria )

    I finished the free Coeur Romantique by Reflets de Soie, which I stitched for a common quilt project. It was a fun quick stitching.

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