Catherine Armchair Pinkeep progress

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After a lot of working  in the garden this afternoon, I found some time this evening to finish my stitching on the Catherine Armchair Pinkeep.

Now will come the harder part....... the finishing. IŽll wait for this till IŽll get a "silent" hour without family around :-)!

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Romy 28/07/2005 11:19

Loriane, that was an online class at Elegant Stitch!

Loriane 28/07/2005 10:43

How can I buy this model ? I have not seen on a site a model of armchair pinkeep

Karen 26/06/2005 10:20

Romy, it looks beautiful! I do love the colours in this piece :)

Ashleigh 26/06/2005 09:16

Its lovely Romy :)
I am so envious of the pieces you are all producing!

Danielle 26/06/2005 04:52

Looks great, Romy!! I am just working on the first pocket with the ofver one stitching (I am slow with this). I can't wait to see your finished work!!