no stitching today!

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Today I spent a wonderful day at the sea without stitching. But with a lot of sun and fun and swimming. Really a wonderful relaxing day!

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Mary Lou 28/06/2005 03:26

Oh what a beautiful place, it does indeed look like a little bit of Heaven. My husband's Grandfather was from Austria, I'll have to show him these pictures so he can see how beautiful the countryside is.

narmelle 21/06/2005 10:05

waow, it a so relaxing area - if I close my eyes, I even can imagine how quiet it is ! thanks for the picture

Catherine 20/06/2005 15:31

What a lovely place to spend a relaxing day!

Cécile 20/06/2005 15:15

Beautiful. It must be a wonderful day.

Karen 19/06/2005 22:30

Oh Romy, that looks fabulous! Such beautiful scenery and that water is sooooo inviting :)