more thread keepers

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I received another wonderful package from Jodi. She sent me wonderful fabric and more wonderful thread keepers made by her Dad. Aren´t they gorgeous??!! I really love them. I know another package is on it´s way to me. Her Dad keeps on designing new shaps and soon I´ll become a wonderful collection of special thread keepers.

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Heather 23/03/2006 13:35

What beautiful thread keepers.  Jodi certainly has a talented Father.

AnneS 03/03/2006 03:26

I have to admit, I was going to ask the same as the others ... I would love to buy some of these thread keepers - having a blog called Feather Stitching, of course the bird one is top of the list ;) haha. Seriously, though, I think there would be enough interest for Jodi's dad to sell some ... although sometimes I think it turns a hobby into a chore ... Yours are absolutely beautiful, and it's wonderful for you to share them with us with piccies :) Kudos to Jodi and her Dad :D

Sonja-Maria 26/02/2006 17:59

Hallo Romy,
die sind großartig,ich habe so etwas noch nie gesehen. In Natura meine ich *gg* im Netz schon.Was es nicht alles gibt ich bin sprachlos.
Liebe staunende Grüße Sonja-Maria

Billie 26/02/2006 07:17

These thread keepers are beautiful!

Danielle 25/02/2006 19:25

Hi Romy!  Those are all lovely!  Isn't Jodi the nicest??!!  Her dad is very talented!!