Paradise Garden

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In March I joined a SAL for the Paradise Garden by Viginie Menzildjian. I´m stitching on 40 count linen and I decided to use silks from my stash. I really have a lot of overdyed silks, but never those which I need for a current project :-), maybe some of you know this :-)!!

So first I tried to find some similiar silks, but then I decided to use simple silks to my flavour and silks which will go well with the overall look. As it´s a Paradies Garden , I think this will work and so I´ll create my own special Paradise :-). My garden surely will become a more pastell look. I will stitch the pink house, because I really like the idea of Monets house. I hope I´ll be satisfied with the result.

Here´s my progress so far

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Manuela 04/03/2006 14:21

ich glaub auf deine WIP Ansammlung muß ich auch mal ein genaueren blick werfen ;o)))
Wie gehts deiner Mutter?
Beste Grüße Manuela - bloggt jetzt auch ;o)))

Mayté 04/03/2006 13:50

Romy, the colours are beautiful. I loe it so far.... please keep going I want to see more!!

Cécilou 04/03/2006 08:51

Waow I love the colors.

AnneS 04/03/2006 00:33

This is such a wonderful project - I remember seeing it in a magazine at the Embroiderers Guild here, and love it.  I especially love the little parterre garden - I'm going to adore watching your progress on this one ... it might even tempt me to go back and get that magazine to stitch it myself ;P

Von 03/03/2006 23:01

You have such a beautiful start on the VM Paradise!!  I think you'll be very happy with your choice of floss from your stash. :D