new scissors

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Today I  got another French order. I ordered two new (old looking) scissores and a great catalogue for needlework tools. The book is really interesting for all needlwork tool lovers and collectors.

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Cécile 11/11/2005 10:10

I just order the scissores (model Versaille) and the book yesterday ! I hope my order arrives soon.

nataliejo 10/11/2005 17:33

Great ! I've already got the one on the left hand side but the other one is calling my name ! and the book is fabulous !

gwen mckenzie 10/11/2005 15:52

Romy I love the scissors and the catalogue but it would appear that they do not ship to the USA.

Mercedes 10/11/2005 14:04

Romy, I want to purchase to this site. Please can you email me for questions about this order you did?

merumo 10/11/2005 06:40

What a lovely purchases! I just browsed the shop and found a lot of nice things...