my new box

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I just bought this box. It´s made only from boiled birch bark.

I like the look of this nature product, it´s made without nails and usually used to store bread inside. But I think it can be used for storeing  threads or stitching tools too.

It´s really a good feeling to touch this box. It feels very "lively" with the typical look of bark.

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Catherine abc 18/03/2006 16:59

Romy ! I fell in love with your new box ! it's gorgeous and has the look of shaker ! the craftman who made it is really nice.Thanks for sharing your find... Are you going to line it ?

lisa 18/03/2006 14:09

I just found your blog this morning. One of my favorite things to do is to start on one stitching blog and follow links from each proceeding blog. I am so happy to have finally hit your link this morning. It is exactly what I needed to go with my morning coffee. You have some of the most unique finishes I've ever seen and beautiful stitching. I love every single thing you have in your album and enjoyed your album very much. You're a busy stitcher, aren't you? I'm inspired! Thanks for a lovely morning.

Hala 18/03/2006 10:09

Visiting your site for the first time , find some intresting articles , sur i will passby again...Nice box , it fits to store some delicate items :)

Mayté 17/03/2006 17:12

Romy your new box is beautiful.!!  

Su 15/03/2006 20:27

What a lovely box it is, the colour of it is so warm.