Marquoir Story finally finished!

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Finally I finished my Marquoir Story. I started it when the first part was realized, think back in 2002. I put in it only some stitching hours every month, but now itŽs finished.

Now I have to think about, how to finish it?! IŽll not frame it, because it doesnŽt fit exactely in my home. But IŽm sure IŽll find a way to present it.

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Shantti 19/06/2005 12:47

congratulations! it look's splendid!
one day...I finish mine!;-))

nadine 14/06/2005 15:55

Beautiful work. Congrats Romy for finishing this marquoir

Catherine 14/06/2005 15:30

Congrats Romy for finishing this piece, it's a huge one! It reminds me hours that I spent on mine (which, by the way, is just sleeping in my drawer)

Susan Tyson 13/06/2005 19:27

Beautiful work as always Romy....
your friend, Susan in GA, USA

Danielle 13/06/2005 15:51

It looks great Romy. This is one I wanted to stitch and I even have it all kitted up. I don't know when I will ever get to it! Good luck finishing it!