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Janvier 2015
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Dimanche 8 février 7 08 /02 /Fév 22:29
I just finished the stitching on the model of my new design.
So I want to share with you - hot from the needle - the first picture of the "Queen of Birds".
It's stitched on 32 count sand linen with silk.

Now I'll do the framing and the chart should be published at the end of February. Hope you like it!

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Mercredi 28 janvier 3 28 /01 /Jan 13:10
It's really time to continue working on my friendship quilt  which I have started in 2003. I have added three new squares to the quilt and slowly it will be growing.
And slowly it will become a real heirloom piece and a great rememberance on all my stitching friends from so much different countries in the world.
Want to say thank you for stitching a square for me and for becoming part of my quilt and my history.
And here's the back of the quilt where I have stitched the name and the location of the stitchers. I like this "none colored" side!
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Vendredi 16 janvier 5 16 /01 /Jan 22:10
When Gigi had offered this lovely freebie on her blog I couldn't resist to start it. I really was in the mood for a little finish  and now I have to show my first finish in 2009. It's stitched on 32 count green Belfast linen and it's really lovely! THANK YOU GIGI!!!!
First I have wanted to finish it as a little ornament, but now I think I'll use it as a square in my friendship quilt. It absolutely has the perfect size for such a square.
I really have to continue to add squares to this quilt. Each of this little stitchings I have collected is a great rememberance on stitching friends in different parts of the world and I really treasure this lovely gifts.
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Dimanche 11 janvier 7 11 /01 /Jan 19:53
I just got a lovely picture of Amandas finished Austrian Spot Sampler in purpel, which I want to share with you.
 I really love viewing different versions of my designs and I think the Spot Sampler looks gorgeous in purpel.
Thank you for the picture Amanda!

And I also discovered Astas  Blue Deer Sampler almost finished! As always she did a great job on stitching! Congratulation Asta on your finish!
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Mardi 16 décembre 2 16 /12 /Déc 23:00
Just the Christmas drawing has taken place and I'm happy to announce the winners now!

But first let me tell you how much I appreciate how many mails and entries I have got!
I got so much lovely mails and Christmas wishes, that I really was overwhelmed. I would love to answer all the kind mails, but at the moment I think I'll not find time for doing this.
So please I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and be sure I love to be in contact with all of you out there and thank you for reading my blog!
And thank you for your kind mails and that you like my designs!!!!!

I'm happy that so much have participate in the drawing and we have written all the names on little sheets have put them in a container and have drawn the winners with control of the whole family!
Now the winners are:

Marlene's Sampler: Tracey in IL USA
Blue Deer Sampler: Gladys in Spain
Austrian Spot Sampler: Corinne in France

I hope you will enjoy and maybe stitch the samplers!

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Dimanche 7 décembre 7 07 /12 /Déc 19:56
Today there are two lighted candles on the Advent wreath, so I thought it would be nice to say a little thank you for visiting my blog, for your kind comments, for your stitching friendshipand and for letting me know you are out there.
 So I want to arrange a little Christmas drawing.
I'll give away one chart of each of my designs, the Austrian Spot Sampler, the Blue Deer Sampler and Marlene's Sampler, as a Christmas present.

All you have to do is, to send an email  till Monday 15th December to

Please put in the subject:  Xmas drawing and the name of the sampler you want to get as a Christmas gift.
I'll put your names in a container and a name for each chart will be drawn out by my DD on Tuesday 16th December. I'll send out the charts the next days after the drawing has taken place, so you sould receive them close before or after Christmas. It depends on how far they will have to travel.

Now in this season of peace I wish you all much joy and contentment in the coming weeks!
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Vendredi 5 décembre 5 05 /12 /Déc 12:34

Today a little update what I'm working on:
I'm just working on a new design, a small sampler.
It's stitched on 32 count sandstone linen with silks. Primary in cross stitch, a lttle easy speciality stitch and a very little part of one over one.
I'm just thinking how it should be named????

???Queen of Birds???
???Listen to the Birds???
???Listening to the Birds???

Think of a garden  - a queen - and some birds
Would love to get some feed back from you!
Here's a very little preview of my work in progress!

Par Romy in Austria
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Dimanche 2 novembre 7 02 /11 /Nov 13:52

Just want to do a little update on my blog what's going on in this part of the world in November!

First I'm busily stitching on the model of a new big sampler. I have collected so much old stitchings and the alphabets and borders slowly become faded more and more. I really want to preserve them for the future so I'm working on a new design with this traditional letters. I think it will be called "My Grandmother's Favourite Letters". Will tell you more about it in the near future.

But as all of us, I really needed a little finish. So I pulled out my WIPs and looked what will be easily finished. I choose Merry Cox "Birds and Berries pin keep". I have finished the stitching for the Birds and Berries companion pieces last year, but never was in the mood to do the finishing. Now here's the little Birds and Berries pin keep finished!!

This tiny pin keeps are really lovely!
 I have stitched several pin keeps for gifts or exchanges, but never had done one for myself.
Just I got the idea for drawing some designs for such pin keeps, let's see maybe you will see more of them in the near future!
But first I have to finish the Birds and Berries scissors holder so that the pieces are complete!

And last but not least I want share with you a wonderful finish by Dany in France, she finished Marlene's Sampler
and she really did a wonderful job on stitching and framing. Isn't that frame just perfect for this design?
I really love the way she finished it! I always love visiting her blog, she's doing such wonderful work!
And just I got the permission from Dany to put a picture of her wonderful finish and framing also on my blog, isn't it lovely?

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Jeudi 9 octobre 4 09 /10 /Oct 22:14

I stitched my Breast Cancer Awaraeness Freebie and finished it as a Biscornu. It's stitched with HDF silks on 32 count linen. For the middle I used an antique linen button.

And just I got a picture from Milly with her lovely finish of this freebie. It can be seen on her blog
She really did a lovely job on stitching and finishing it!

I think you know, I love to receive pictures of my finished designs. I really appreciate when I get your permission to put them on my web site in the stitcher gallery!

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Jeudi 2 octobre 4 02 /10 /Oct 23:14
October is Breath Cancer Awareness Month and so I want also do my little part of promoting  Breath Cancer Awareness with this Pink Ribbon freebie
click here to get the chart.

I think it would look nice finished as a Pink Ribbon Biscournu!
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